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There's a battery underneath your feet, and utilities want to use it

Nov 27, 2023
As the U.S. decarbonizes, it will need a lot more electricity. Geothermal energy networks may be a cost-effective part of the solution.
Underground geothermal pipes provide energy to ground source heat pumps, pictured above, which heat and cool buildings.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Big rigs get environmental overhaul

Jul 9, 2014
Tech revolution in the trucking industry to bring cheaper goods, cleaner air.

China is not about to eat America's lunch

Apr 16, 2012
Commentator Vijay Vaitheeswaran says America's culture of creativity and innovation beats out China's state-run capitalism.

Labor Dept. releases first ever tally of U.S. green jobs

Mar 23, 2012
In 2010 there were 3 million green jobs -- about 2 percent of total employment. Should we soon expect green jobs to start making up a greater percentage of the total jobs in the U.S.?
Giant wind turbines are powered by strong prevailing winds near Palm Springs, Calif. Though the state is known for its green jobs, percentage-wise it is equivalent to many others.
David McNew/Getty Images

China flexes trade muscles

Feb 14, 2012
The state visit by Chinese VP Xi Jengpeng highlights U.S.-China cooperation -- but behind the scenes, China plays hardball.

Venture capital growing in green space

Aug 4, 2008
Venture capitalists think there's green in green. Investments in U.S. clean-tech companies grew by 41% to $961.7 million in the second quarter of...