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A pay increase for entry-level jobs

Jun 1, 2018
ADP reports entry-level wages for 16- to 24-year-olds rose 5.2 percent in the past year, about double the increase for workers' wages overall.
A job applicant speaks with a recruiter during an interview in New York City.
Chris Hondros/Getty Images

The best advice for college students unlucky enough to graduate into a recession: Be flexible

May 24, 2018
While studies suggest recession graduates tend to fall behind their nonrecession peers in terms of salary and don’t catch up for 10 to 20 years, there are ways to catch up more quickly and make up the gap.
Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images

How good is it for the class of 2018?

May 23, 2018
This year's college graduates enter one of the best job markets since the Great Recession.
Saul Rivera has just graduated from the University of Texas-Austin with a degree in astronomy. He's been applying for entry-level jobs at planetariums, museums and observatories around the country.
Mitchell Hartman/Marketplace