Can AI product review summaries help us make better purchase decisions?

Aug 17, 2023
Amazon is using the technology on its mobile app to synthesize stacks of user comments into one tidy paragraph. Do you buy the idea?
Amazon's new artificial intelligence-generated review system "is immediately going to be a target for sellers to manipulate," says marketing professor Brett Hollenbeck.
isiddheshm/Getty Images

Could AI be used to sway federal rule-making?

Apr 17, 2023
Federal agencies often ask the public to weigh in on rules and their implementation. But how could programs like ChatGPT affect or influence that process?
George Washington University's Mark Febrizio argues that tech like ChatGPT could make it easier for more people to weigh in on policymaking.
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With modern chatbots, AI weirdness reaches new heights

Mar 23, 2023
Artificial intelligence researcher and blogger Janelle Shane explains modern chatbot behavior.
AI researcher and blogger Janelle Shane tried to convince ChatGPT to impersonate a squirrel. The results revealed some bugs in AI chatbots.
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Dispatch, Ep 11: Firefly bottoms and bird bones

Apr 14, 2016
Facebook's moonshots, Yahoo's bidding war and how biomimicry could outshine all of it.
Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg talks chat bots at the company's F8 conference in San Francisco on April 12, 2016.

Who uses chatbots, anyway?

Apr 11, 2016
Booking a flight? There's a bot for that. Trying to find the right foundation? There's a bot for that, too.