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How gift cards are helping survivors of California's deadliest fire

Dec 7, 2018
It's not just cash donations that help after a disaster.
Kimberly Spainhower hugs her daughter Chloe, 13, while her husband Ryan Spainhower (R) searches through the ashes of their burned home in Paradise, California on November 18, 2018.

Want to make a charitable contribution to your state?

Dec 18, 2017
Many people spend many dollars trying to get out of their tax bills by finding loopholes and workarounds. Well, it’s very likely that states are going to be doing the same thing in a year or two. The intent is to lower the burden on their own residents who can no longer deduct as many […]

Meter offers alternative for those who want to give money to people on the street

Feb 7, 2017
The donations will go to a homelessness outreach initiative run by local nonprofits.
New Haven, Conn. has so far installed four donation meters with plans for six more in downtown locations.
Harriet Jones

Growing movement to make altruism more effective

Dec 1, 2015
Effective altruism asks how each dollar spent can bring the most good possible.

Black Friday is so last week

Dec 2, 2014
With the big holiday shopping days out of the way, here comes Giving Tuesday.

Charitable giving not keeping up with highest incomes

Oct 6, 2014
The middle class's giving, as share of its income, grew.

Year-end tax tips

Dec 15, 2011
The holiday madness is upon us. But, between shopping and holiday party planning, taxpayers can still take steps to save on their 2011 taxes. There are a few last-minutes opportunities to consider by December 31.

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