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The Federal Reserve is unwinding its bond-buying program. Will that help deflate the inflation balloon?

Aug 24, 2022
The Fed uses its buying power in the bond market to raise or lower interest rates by manipulating how much money is available in the economy.
The Fed blew up the "balloon" of the economy during the pandemic by, in part, ratcheting up its bond buying and flooding financial markets with money.
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How Fed "tapering" can make mortgages more expensive

Dec 2, 2021
It opens the door to interest rate hikes.
Homebuyers have been benefiting from low interest rates. The Federal Reserve's plan to reduce bond purchases may change that.
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All this talk about the Fed "tapering" bond-buying — what's it to you?

Sep 22, 2021
Two words: interest rates. On stuff like mortgages. Business loans. Keeping them low keeps capital flowing in this pandemic economy.
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell met with Congress this week, saying there hasn't been as much progress on inflation as the central bank had hoped.
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