Republicans are embracing crypto

Jul 17, 2024
The official Republican platform adopted earlier this week says the party will "defend the right to mine bitcoin."
"The crypto industry has raised and spent an incredible amount of money influencing elections," said Duke University's Lee Reiners.
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Trump campaign will now accept crypto contributions

May 27, 2024
The Federal Election Commission says crypto donations are subject to the same rules and contribution limits as conventional contributions are — but some states ban them, as the currencies are harder to trace and regulate.
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SEC moves closer to blessing ether ETFs, cheering crypto fans

May 24, 2024
It could soon be easier to buy and sell ether, a cousin of bitcoin, via traditional market mechanisms.
Instead of directly buying the cryptocurrency, a spot ETF would allow an asset manager to do it for you.
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What is the bitcoin "halving"?

Apr 19, 2024
Bitcoin halving happens approximately every four years, and it's a big deal for the philosophical premise of the cryptocurrency.
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Bitcoin devotees are rejoicing after the latest crypto thaw

Mar 1, 2024
The cryptocurrency's price is up about 40 percent this year, inching closer to its pandemic-era high of nearly $69,000 per coin, and vindicating those who held on through recent lows.
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The federal government wants to know how much electricity crypto uses. Crypto firms aren't happy.

Feb 5, 2024
The feds want data from crypto miners. The miners may file suit to block the request.
Crypto mining consumes as much as 2% of all electricity in the U.S., according to the Energy Information Administration. Above, a bitcoin mining operation in Rockdale, Texas.
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What financial advisers are saying about the new bitcoin ETFs

Jan 17, 2024
Exchange-traded funds are basically an easy way to invest in bitcoin from one's brokerage account. The SEC approved the bitcoin EFTs last week.
The new ETF will make investing in bitcoin easier. But financial advisers aren't sold on the risk factor.
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For public good, not for profit.

Has El Salvador’s bitcoin gamble paid off?

Nov 8, 2023
Two years after El Salvador approved bitcoin as legal tender, only 1% of remittances are in bitcoin and many people don’t use it.
Coffee shop owner Gabe Gutierrez said bitcoin accounts for 5% to 10% of his sales.

For some bitcoiners, "a second passport is the ultimate hedge"

Aug 3, 2023
Instead of buying a new Porsche or a private jet rental, the mega-rich can drop $100,000 on a new citizenship — and the benefits that go with it.
Dominica offers two routes to citizenship: a one-time donation of $100,000 or a real estate investment of $200,000.
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In "Easy Money," crypto's central premise is put to the test

Jul 18, 2023
The cryptocurrency industry seeks to create a decentralized, peer-to-peer means of exchange, but is it really just a speculative bubble?
"Cryptocurrencies are not currencies, economically speaking, because they don't do what money does," says actor and author Ben McKenzie.
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