Providing medical care to 'birth tourists' from China

Mar 13, 2019
Chinese parents are attracted to U.S. healthcare. An American doctor appreciates their prompt payments.
Dr. Russell Rapoza has helped more than a thousand mothers from China deliver babies.
Courtesy of Dr. Razpoza

How specialist agencies help Chinese mothers give birth in the U.S.

Mar 7, 2019
Expectant parents pay them tens of thousands of dollars to arrange every aspect of their trip.
The 2013 movie "Finding Mr Right" is a romantic comedy focused on Wen Jiajia, an unmarried pregnant woman from Beijing who flees to Seattle to give birth. It raised awareness of the trend of Chinese women having American babies.
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Steps Chinese women take to secure U.S. citizenship for their babies

Mar 6, 2019
Children born on U.S. soil are granted citizenship under the 14th Amendment.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Why Chinese parents come to America to give birth

Mar 6, 2019
Every year, thousands travel to ensure U.S. citizenship for their babies, experts say. Here are two of their stories.
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