Birkenstock IPO stumbles out of the gate

Oct 11, 2023
The maker of sensible sandals has been around for 250 years. So why did it go public now?
Traders wearing Birkenstock sandals work the floor at the New York Stock Exchange. The 250-year-old company had its IPO today.
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Birkenstock finds comfort and support on the New York Stock Exchange

Oct 11, 2023
Birkenstock shares started trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday, pricing its IPO at $46 per share.
Once a fashion faux-pas, Birkenstock — which went public on Wednesday — is now a fashion must-have around the globe.
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Why Birkenstock's IPO filing is encouraging for investors

Sep 13, 2023
The supportively soled shoe brand is the latest company to file to sell stock to the public after a long IPO drought. The move indicates a stable, confident market.
Birkenstock, the German maker of comfortable footwear, will sell shares on the New York Stock Exchange, signaling a stable financial environment.
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How brands like Birkenstock and Victoria's Secret stage a comeback

May 2, 2023
It takes more than trends and nostalgia to become popular a second or third time around. It can take years of hard work.
"How can we not sell, you know, mastectomy or maternity bras?" says Sarah Sylvester, executive vice president of marketing at Victoria's Secret. "Like, why would we turn any woman away for anything that she needs if we’re supposed to be the leader in bras?" Above, an underwear display from 2021.
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