No more business as usual for the Fed

Jun 29, 2023
Technology that can cause banks to fail overnight could force the Federal Reserve to upgrade its infrastructure, while continuing basic regulation to prevent failures from occurring in the first place.
Silicon Valley Bank's problems wouldn’t have been solved by an instant Fed bailout, said Wharton professor Itamar Drechsler.
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Bank regulators expected to propose higher capital requirements

Jun 23, 2023
The plan would require big banks to keep more assets on hand. It could also affect regional banks, like the three that failed this year.
Fed policymakers use data from household surveys, financial markets, professional forecasters and the labor market to set interest rates, says Rice University economist Zach Bethune.
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Why 2008 financial crisis regulations didn't prevent the recent bank failures

May 3, 2023
Three major bank failures in two months. What happened to all those regulations?
"SVB was among the large regional banks that really should have been engaging in stress testing and wasn’t," said Columbia Law professor Kathryn Judge.
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How will banking change amid wreckage of SVB, First Republic?

May 2, 2023
New regulation and industry consolidation will be key. Loans may be scarcer for new businesses and in low-income and rural communities.
Executives and regulators would like the fallout of the recent bank failures to be limited, but the impact is being felt.
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Are bank supervisors, or bank rules, too lax?

Mar 20, 2023
Do banking rules need tightening? Do supervisors need better training and greater powers? The answer will influence what comes next.
Politicians and lobbyists are debating whether Silicon Valley Bank collapsed due to a regulatory or supervisory failure. Above, Sen. Charles Grassley confers with Sen. John Cornyn during a Finance Committee hearing.
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The banking crisis: What you actually need to know

Mar 17, 2023
Even if you don’t bank with Silicon Valley Bank or Signature Bank, the fallout from their collapses has probably grabbed your attention.
Given that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank marked one of the largest bank failures since 2008, it can feel easy to draw comparisons to the start of the Great Recession.
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For public good, not for profit.

Big Tech is slowly, carefully creeping into banking

Mar 13, 2018
After disrupting retail, bookstores and media, tech companies are tiptoeing into the highly-regulated world of banking.

Ten years after the financial crisis, the feds say some banks need a break

Aug 23, 2017
The Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Comptroller of the Currency all announced yesterday that they would hold off on implementing a set of regulations on small to medium size banks, sometimes called community banks. The idea is to give these banks some breathing room while regulators come up with new, simpler […]

Reports say Trump could replace banking industry's top cop

May 3, 2017
President Trump has seen every one of his cabinet secretaries confirmed but key financial regulators. Most are still holdovers from the Obama administration, though rumor has it that the comptroller of the currency could be replaced within days. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.