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Report highlights a trend toward more ride-sharing, less car ownership

Apr 11, 2017
The New York auto show kicks off later this week. The event comes at a time when the auto industry is grappling with two diverging trends. On one hand, people still want big, spacious, largely gas-powered vehicles; on the other hand is a future powered by mobility services and electric vehicles. A report by the Boston Consulting Group […]

'Ambassadors' try to prove Detroit is more than an auto show

Jan 20, 2016
"Ambassadors" at the auto show provide answer visitors' questions about Detroit

The race to build the car of the future

Jan 15, 2015
Seems like everyone's trying to make the first great electric, self-driving car.

Less is more at Detroit auto show

Jan 8, 2012
Car companies roll out a fleet of smaller vehicles at this year's North American Auto Show to appeal to budget-minded car buyers.

Shanghai's Auto Show: 'Rough Around the Edges'

Apr 22, 2011
"It's more chaotic," auto analyst Michael Dunne told me, comparing this week's Shanghai auto show to shows in the US. "It's a little rough around...