Spotify aims to rule all audio

by , and Feb 6, 2019
Spotify, the pioneering music streaming service, is entering the world of podcasts by acquiring two big players: Gimlet and Anchor. The Swedish company is aiming to be the No. 1 audio platform with these acquisitions. But there are risks. Click…

Thomas Dolby on bringing pop sensibilities to Silicon Valley

by Molly Wood Oct 6, 2016
Thomas Dolby talks about starting a tech company after retiring from his popstar career.
Thomas Dolby. 
Rudi Riet/ Wikimedia Commons

How to build a business on another company's old gear

by Adriene Hill May 30, 2016
Wes Dooley dedicated himself to keeping the old ways alive, and his microphones are renowned for it.
The 'mic museum' at AEA Microphones in Pasadena, California.
Robert Garrova/Marketplace
Actuality, by Marketplace and Quartz


by , and Sep 4, 2015
Quartz and Marketplace listen to 'data,' and talk about Wi-Fi allergies.
Digital Disruptor

Audio Everywhere: The future of radio in the digital age

by Matt Berger Oct 17, 2013
In five years, what role will audio play in your lives as a news consumer or journalist. Use the Marketplace Voice Mail to record and submit your answers.
Digital Disruptor

Marketplace Voice Mail: Send us your audio comments

by Matt Berger Oct 8, 2013
Ever wished you could talk back to your radio? Use the new Marketpalce "Record Button" to send us an audio comment from your computer or mobile device.

Soundcloud wants you to see and touch sound

by Molly Wood Jul 18, 2013
Soundcloud will turn six-years-old at the end of this month. In the last two years alone, Soundcloud's registered users have increased 400 percent to 40 million.

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Company logos expand into sonic realm

by Sally Herships May 1, 2012
Audio branding is moving beyond television and electronics into banks and appliances as companies seek to build consumer allegiance through sound.

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