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A professor’s "antithesis" to self-aggrandizing personal websites

Sep 22, 2022
“It's meant to illustrate the vanity of human pretensions,” says Karl Aquino of the University of British Columbia.
A screenshot from the homepage of Karl Aquino’s “official, unofficial” website. Aquino teaches organizations and society at the University of British Columbia.
Screenshot courtesy Aquino

Do looks matter for success in economics? Actually, they're pretty important.

Feb 18, 2021
The short answer is yes, but you should read the long answer too.
A recent working paper on the effect of attractiveness on the job outcomes of economists is the latest example of the economics profession reflecting on itself.
Photo by Norman Smith/Fox Photos/Getty Images

"We don't waste fellowships on women": Microbiologist Rita Colwell on sexism in academia

Microbiologist Rita Colwell, the first female director of the National Science Foundation, talks about her experiences facing sexism in the world of science.
Scientist and professor Rita Colwell giving a talk at World Water Week in Stockholm in 2010.
Bertil Ericson/Getty Images