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Marketplace for Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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We kick off Big Money, our special reports all this month on Citizens United and campaign financing, a special Marketplace collaboration with Frontline on PBS. Nancy Marshall-Genzer explores how the Citizens United decision has boosted union canvassers. Meanwhile, Money Matters takes a look at the costs of childcare. Walmart’s first ever retail worker strike has spread to 12 cities and shows no sign of slowing down. Toyota has announced another recall and this time it involves 7.4 million vehicles. And the drought has caused a shortage of dairy for businesses, and a price increase for customers.

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Final Note

FedEx to restructure to cut costs

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 10, 2012
The shipping company said it could boost its bottom line by nearly $2 billion.

Is technology to blame for chronic unemployment?

by Marketplace Contributor Oct 10, 2012
Commentator Robert Reich says a steady march of technology leaves increasingly obsolete jobs in its wake.

Walmart takes on Amazon with same-day delivery

by Queena Kim Oct 10, 2012
Walmart stores in a handful of cities will double as distribution centers as the online giant moves into super quick delivery.
Money Matters

Weighing the true cost of childcare

by Dan Gorenstein Oct 10, 2012
With childcare costs on the rise, it may be more affordable for some parents to stay home with the kids. But there are hidden costs.
Food and Drink

Rising milk prices affect foods from pizza to nachos

by Eve Troeh Oct 10, 2012
Many dairy farmers culled their herds because of high feed prices caused by the drought, reducing the supply of milk. Price increases will flow through many food products beyond a carton of milk.
Big Money 2012 with Frontline

Citizens United decision boosts union canvassers

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Oct 10, 2012
No longer restricted to calling on union members, canvassers can now knock anyone's doors. And that could change the outcome of the election.
Big Money 2012 with Frontline

How Citizens United has transformed campaigns: An introduction to Big Sky, Big Money

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 10, 2012
About six months ago, we started a new project, a special collaboration with Frontline on PBS, to break through the noise around one key issue: the fallout from the Supreme Court's decision on Citizens United.

Another faulty part prompts Toyota recall

by Mark Garrison Oct 10, 2012
Toyota recalls 7.4 million vehicles after a sticky power window switch caused fires. Two years ago, Toyota suffered from sticky accelerators.

Walmart workers stage unprecedented strike

by Sally Herships Oct 10, 2012
Walmart workers protest against unfair labor practices as a small number of store workers walk off the job, a first for the retailer.

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