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Marketplace for Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Health reporter Gregory Warner reports on the second day of Supreme Court hearings on the health care law. Why did Justices use the word ‘broccoli’ to describe the individual mandate? The Obama administration proposed the first federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants. We hear about the new Facebook app EnemyGraph, which shows what you dislike. And special correspondent David Brancaccio continues his series, Robots Ate My Job.

Segments From this episode

GOP Contenders

Small donors elude Mitt Romney

by David Gura Mar 27, 2012
In the battle for bucks, small donors are giving much more to Romney's GOP rivals, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

What broccoli has to do with health care

by Gregory Warner Mar 27, 2012
Even the Supreme Court is beating up on the defenseless green vegetable. So, how did broccoli end up in a legal battle over health care?

EPA announces new carbon pollution rules

by Sarah Gardner Mar 27, 2012
The new regulations for power plants will reinforce market realities.
Final Note

How much will a photo with Newt Gingrich cost you?

by Kai Ryssdal Mar 27, 2012
Prepare to pay up for a photo opp: A picture with the presidential candidate is no longer free.

'Frenemy' arrives on Facebook

by Kai Ryssdal Mar 27, 2012
University of Texas, Dallas professor Dean Terry has co-designed an application that lets users voice their dislikes on Facebook.
Robots Ate My Job

Good robots make jobs

by David Brancaccio Mar 27, 2012
Robots have come a long way -- from factories and into homes -- and jobs for robot makers and minders are on the upswing.

U.S. pays Afghan villagers for killings

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Mar 27, 2012
The Pentagon has paid out $50,000 for each of the 17 Afghans killed earlier this month. How was that amount of payment determined?

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