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That ad said what? Today, we look at the rise of swearing in advertisements, despite FCC fines. Why are those four-letter words worth it? Also, a profile of a patent troll. You may be surprised to hear that some of America's biggest companies are part of the crowd. Plus, over 500 Zynga employees were let go yesterday as the mobile gaming company struggles. Don't worry, recruiters are already on the prowl.

Meredith Whitney on the 'Fate of the States'

In her new book, "Fate of the States," Meredith Whitney says the middle of the country will see the most economic opportunity.
Posted In: business opportunities, states, moving, book

Jefferson County, Ala. starts to get out of the sewer

Somehow, Jamie Dimon and company are winning in the story of a mess of sewer bonds.
Posted In: Alabama, bankruptcy, Muni Bonds

Zynga employees wait for their next turn

Social media gaming company Zynga laid off around 500 employees, but recruiters are already on the prowl. What's the afterlife of a Zynga employee?
Posted In: zynga, Silicon Valley, games, social media

What can save the IRS brand?

What does the ongoing IRS scandal mean for the IRS brand and what, if anything, can be done to shore it up?
Posted In: IRS, branding

You may be surprised at who is a 'patent troll'

President Barack Obama is taking steps to rein in 'patent trolls', but some of America's biggest companies use similar tactics.
Posted In: patents, technology, Google, patent wars

Tijuana and San Diego try to move past the border

The two cities, long divided by a border fence, are now marketing themselves as a unified economic region.
Posted In: Tijuana, San Diego, Olympics, U.S. - Mexican border

Photojournalist John H. White on layoffs, 35 years at Chicago Sun-Times

He won a in Pulitzer in 1982, but didn't stop there. Chicago's legendary photojournalist John H. White reflects on the power of pictures days after he was laid off along with the Sun-Times' entire photo department.
Posted In: photography, journalism, Chicago, newspapers

What the #%*$ did that ad just say? (Video)

We’re hearing a lot of bleeping in ads these days. It may be a crude, but smart, strategy for some companies.
Posted In: advertising, commercials, TV commercials

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