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Marketplace for Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Greece claims Germany owes it billions in reparations from World War II, which Germany denies. How Greece arrived at the claim, and why they are pushing for the money now — heavily in debt and badly in need of Germany’s help.

Plus, recent California water restrictions will kick off higher prices to discourage waste. Cities that exceed new rations could end up paying four times as much for the extra water residents use.

Also, Microsoft announced plans to hire more people with autism. Is the initiative about altruism and corporate image, creating a more diverse workforce, attracting employees with specific skills, or all of the above?

Segments From this episode

Microsoft plans to hire workers with autism

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Apr 7, 2015
The company has launched a pilot program aimed at hiring more people with autism.
Final Note

One pair of Rand Paul flip flops, please

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 7, 2015
The candidate's shop is up and running. Plus, the demographics of the IRS.
Water: The high price of cheap

One way to ration water: raise the price

by David Weinberg Apr 7, 2015
New limits on water usage could raise prices to four times their current rate.

Shipping firms' departures sink Port of Portland

by Conrad Wilson Apr 7, 2015
The pullouts by Hanjin and Hapag-Lloyd threaten the port's container business.

Greeks talk reparations while Germans talk euro debt

by Mitchell Hartman Apr 7, 2015
Greece says Germany owes it about $300 billion in reparations for World War II.
Learning Curve

'Blue-collar aristocrats' thrive in German economy

by Marketplace Contributor Apr 7, 2015
Germany’s vocational system partners with employers to train students for skilled jobs.
Shelf Life

Curiosity changed Brian Grazer's life

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 7, 2015
The Oscar-winning producer says his success comes asking the right questions.

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