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Marketplace for Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Airing on Thursday, April 9, 2015: Google plans to offer subscriptions on YouTube. We want to look at how this will work, and what’s behind it. The answer to the latter question will take in the fact that YouTube has a profit problem, and explain the landscape that is moving Google in this direction (streaming competition with Netflix, for example). Next, will people in Massachusetts, or Michigan, or anywhere, end up with less satisfying showers because of California’s drought? California is imposing new low-flow rules on faucets, showers and toilets. We look at how its huge new market for low-flow could swing manufacturers and other states in the same direction. Also, the deceased Latina singer Selena has been given a new lease of life. Some of her unreleased songs are being remastered and released, and she is going on tour. Or a hologram of her is, at least. So many questions. How big is the market for holo-acts? 

Segments From this episode

After oil spill, Gulf seafood industry is recovering

by Marketplace Contributor Apr 9, 2015
The reputation for good seafood is back, but the old quantity is not.

Why your cell phone battery life still stinks

by Ben Johnson Apr 9, 2015
Unlike massive leaps in computing technology, batteries are tough to improve.
Corner Office

Janice Min pulls the curtain on Hollywood

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 9, 2015
She transformed the Hollywood Reporter by turning it into a glossy magazine.

Can YouTube get us to pay for ad-free cat videos?

by Dan Weissmann Apr 9, 2015
Google plans to offer an ad-free version of YouTube, for a monthly fee.

Thank California for your low-flow faucet

by Adam Allington Apr 9, 2015
California is imposing new low-flow rules on faucets, toilets and urinals.

Selena lives on via hologram

by Annie Baxter Apr 9, 2015
A digital version of deceased Latina singer Selena could be going on tour.
Final Note

LinkedIn purchasing for $1.5 billion

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 9, 2015
LinkedIn to buy in a $1.5 billion deal.

Music from the episode

Det haster! Casiokids
Stuntin' Like My Daddy - Street Birdman, Lil Wayne
Escapee Architecture In Helsinki

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