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Marketplace PM for May 3, 2006

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Newly-printed rolls of stamps at the United States Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Joe Raedle (c) Getty Images
A sign in a volunteer's car warns potential employers against hiring undocumented workers as the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps patrols the US-Mexico border in search of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers April 8, 2006 near Jacumba, Calif.
David McNew (c) Getty Images
MasterCard sticker from a storefront door
David McNew (c) Getty Images
Prices are posted at a Chevron gas station near the company's El Segundo refinery.
David McNew (c) Getty Images
Capitol Hill
Chip Somodevilla (c) Getty Images
Commentator Robert Reich
A neon sign announces that the Redlight Bar brothel is open for business March 14, 2006 in Berlin.
Sean Gallup (c) Getty Images
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