Jun 20, 2007

Marketplace PM for June 20, 2007

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Lenders face school-loan cuts

Jun 20, 2007
Today the Senate Education Committee voted to reauthorize the Higher Education Act. Jeremy Hobson has a report card for what the proposed changes would mean for student loan lenders large and small.

U.K. puts private-equity on the hotseat

Jun 20, 2007
Execs from five of the world's largest private-equity firms went before the British Parliament today to address questions on how their deals should be taxed. Francesco Guerrera of the Financial Times has the details.
Britain's Parliament building
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Murdoch may want his space at Yahoo

Jun 20, 2007
Rupert Murdoch reportedly is in talks to swap his MySpace.com social networking site for a 25% stake in Yahoo. Janet Babin has the 411.

To fund alternatives, raise energy prices

Jun 20, 2007
What to do about global warming and how to wean ourselves off of oil is on the minds of many presidential candidates. But commentator David Frum says, so far, their solutions fall short of the mark.

China cracks down on slave labor

Jun 20, 2007
China's government has announced a crackdown on enslavement after reports of widespread human trafficking. Scott Tong tracked down two laborers who shared their experiences of being abducted and forced to work.

Laws send 'greasers' into a spin

Jun 20, 2007
A small but growing number of drivers are starting to convert their diesel cars to run on vegetable oil. Yet, many states are cracking down on these gasoline refuseniks with special taxes and penalties. Jessica Jones reports.

Mortgage meltdown hits Bear Stearns

Jun 20, 2007
Two hedge funds managed by Bear Stearns are on the brink of collapse, victims of the subprime mortgage market going south. Amy Scott reports that the trouble could spread beyond big banks.

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