Sep 19, 2008

Marketplace for Friday, Sept. 19, 2008

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Banks await details of rescue plan

Sep 19, 2008
The federal government is considering creating a new agency that would take on all the toxic debt that has overwhelmed the financial system -- hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars. Where would it all go? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Will rescue restore trust? We'll see.

Sep 19, 2008
No matter how the final version of the federal bailout of banks is set up, one thing is for sure: We're all going to be holding that bad debt. For more on what that means, host Tess Vigeland talks with…
President Bush walks with, from left, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson at the White House prior to Bush's statement on the economy today.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Debate begins over new regulations

Sep 19, 2008
As is now the case with short-selling of some 800 companies. It's ILLEGAL -- for the moment. By the way -- there's already talk that short sellers will sue. And this may be just the beginning. Marketplace's John Dimsdale tells us Washington... As usual... Is not…

Money market funds not quite so safe

Sep 19, 2008
The Treasury Department says it's setting aside up to $50 billion to protect investors in money market mutual funds. Once considered virtually as safe as cash, we learned this week they aren't. Amy Scott reports.

How does financial crisis strike you?

Sep 19, 2008
After all the screaming headlines and doom and gloom of the last few days, we got to wondering whether the government's bailout plans have made people feel better. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman went to find out.

The week's big story: Meltdown

Sep 19, 2008
Need some perspective after this week's collapse? Our senior business correspondent Bob Moon provides some. He discusses with host Tess Vigeland what we've been through and what's ahead.
Wall Street sign

Soon we'll all answer to the 'Numerati'

Sep 19, 2008
Writer and commentator Stephen Baker has been trying to figure out how to push his blog to the top of Google's rankings -- and he says he's learned a lot in the process.

Little room for retraining workers

Sep 19, 2008
Many of Michigan's former auto workers are turning to community colleges to train for a career shift, but the state's education system can't accommodate them all. Dustin Dwyer reports.

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