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Marketplace for Friday, October 3, 2014

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The unemployment rate is falling and some are now calling on the Federal Reserve  to start raising interest rates.  Does the famous “Phillips Curve” still apply in an age where the nature of unemployment has changed so radically? Next, in the wake of JP Morgan’s admission that 76 million households were hit with a data breach, up from just a few million in August, we explain how companies determine they have been breached, the forensics that go into identifying and repairing the breach, and what this means for JPMorgan’s 76 million households. We also take a look at the world of film adaptations – Gillian Flynn adapted her book “Gone Girl” into a screenplay herself, and she’s not the only author who has done the same very recently for high profile pics. It used to be pretty  hard for authors to get these gigs.  And, last but certainly not least, we trace the boom and bust of guar gum – a product used in everything from toothpaste to fracking.



Segments From this episode

Why are North Dakota's oilfields so dangerous?

by Marketplace Contributor Oct 3, 2014
Inside Energy traveled to Williston, the heart of the oil boom, to get answers.

Why lower unemployment doesn't mean higher inflation

by Mitchell Hartman Oct 3, 2014
Inflation hawks see the specter of higher wages and prices in lower unemployment numbers, as workers gain leverage versus bosses.

How a bank knows it has been hacked

by David Gura Oct 3, 2014
JP Morgan Chase says 76 million households' accounts were compromised this summer.

How do you perceive time? Jump off a building and see

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 3, 2014
To understand our economic choices, scientist Dave Eagleman says we should look at how our brains process time and information.

Giving authors a shot at writing the movie script

by Adriene Hill Oct 3, 2014
Hollywood isn't wild about letting authors adapt their books for the big screen

Yahoo thinks disappearing images are here to stay

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 3, 2014
The struggling tech company could plug its Alibaba windfall into Snapchat.

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D Song Bonobo

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