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Marketplace for Friday August 22, 2014

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Janet Yellen gave a big speech today in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, about the uncertainty of the economy. Should we be worried? We catch up with Catherine Rampell from the Washington Post and John Carney from the Wall Street Journal to discuss the week that was. Plus, California could join the group of states that let community colleges offer four-year degrees in certain subjects like dental hygiene. But do you really need a four-year degree, and what’s the cost? We investigate. Also, the Emmys are on Monday this year, as opposed to Sunday. Why? Because they don’t want to have to compete with Sunday Night Football, of course. It’s just one example of the huge battle being waged over live TV broadcast space. Speaking of athletics, Foot Locker, the athletic shoe store, reported sky-high profits this year thanks to its partnership with Nike. Shoes with the swoosh account for two-thirds of Foot Locker’s sales. But what happens if wingtips become the new workplace fashion? Could Foot Locker be too dependent on Nike? 

Segments From this episode

Twitter wants to choose what you see

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 22, 2014
Even if you don't follow someone, you might start seeing his or her tweets.

Beyond ad clicks: using 'Big Data' for social good

by David Gura Aug 22, 2014
One professor is trying to get the best data scientists to tackle social problems.
Learning Curve

A $10,560 bachelor's degree?

by Adriene Hill Aug 22, 2014
Community colleges are getting into the business of awarding BA degrees.
Final Note

This was the lightest trading day of the year so far

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 22, 2014
Just 2 and a quarter billion shares changed hands.

And the Emmy goes to... Monday!

by Stacey Vanek Smith Aug 22, 2014
NBC has moved the Emmys from Sunday to Monday... and the reason is all economics.

Foot Locker profits jump, thanks to basketball and Nike

by Kate Davidson Aug 22, 2014
Basketball shoes are hot and Nike controls the sizzle .

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