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How Silicon Valley Bank failed

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A customer reads a notice on Silicon Valley Bank headquarters' glass doors stating that the bank is closed. A person inside the entry area of the bank is on the phone, looking at the customer.

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Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

How Silicon Valley Bank failed

by Sabri Ben-Achour Mar 10, 2023
The swift and chaotic failure of SVB left CEOs and investors unable to access their money. Should we be worried about contagion?

The Weekly Wrap

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal talks to Catherine Rampell of The Washington Post and Jeanna Smialek of The New York Times about this week’s jobs report and Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s congressional testimony.

February's rising unemployment rate is actually a positive sign, economists say

by Lily Jamali Mar 10, 2023
Growth in the number of people looking for work means the unemployment rate is rising for the right reasons, one economist says.
A Year of War

Has Europe’s highest court made it harder to sanction the assets of Russian oligarchs?

by Stephen Beard Mar 10, 2023
Anti-money-laundering campaigners say that a recent decision by the European Court of Justice is a blow against financial transparency.

Who still wants a "trophy building"?

by Matt Levin Mar 10, 2023
The market for skyscrapers with great views and lush amenities is softening.

New location means smarter budgeting for Michigan retailer

by Nicholas Guiang Mar 10, 2023
Annie Lang-Hartman, owner of Wild Lettie, just signed the lease on a new location, hoping to expand her product offerings.

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