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Happy 247th birthday, USA! How’s that economy holding up?
Jul 4, 2023

Happy 247th birthday, USA! How’s that economy holding up?

What the Fed wants to see in Friday's jobs report, and a formerly enslaved man's legacy of helping to build generational wealth in Tennessee.

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What the Fed wants to see in the next jobs report

Jul 4, 2023
To not be so stubbornly good? "We still see the labor market running very hot,” one economist says.
Fed policymakers use data from household surveys, financial markets, professional forecasters and the labor market to set interest rates, says Rice University economist Zach Bethune.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

As hurricanes get more severe, how do insurers calculate risk?

Jul 4, 2023
Risks and costs are rising, largely due to climate change, but where the risk hits is key, a veteran "catastrophe modeler" says.
A home in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, that was destroyed by Hurricane Ian. "Hurricanes are like real estate," catastrophe modeler Karen Clark says. What matters is "location, location, location."
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The past, present and future of “Hard Bargain” Tennessee

Jul 4, 2023
A historic home in Franklin, Tennessee, serves as a monument to generational sacrifice.
A plaque outside the McLemore home in Franklin, Tennessee tells the story of “Hard Bargain.
Courtesy of the Hard Bargain Association

Hiring a cat? This organization can help

Jul 4, 2023
Hard Hat Cats places feral cats in breweries, bodegas and other businesses looking for organic pest prevention.
Dulce, a cat with a history of biting and scratching, was adopted by a Brooklyn brewery as a “working cat” through an organization called Hard Hat Cats.
Courtesy of Hard Hat Cats

The right to repair movement is gaining steam

New laws in the U.S. and EU give consumers more rights when it comes to fixing their electronics.

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