Extra to spend, extra to save
Dec 22, 2023

Extra to spend, extra to save

That's what consumers have, finally, according to the November PCE. Is it enough to lighten the weight of inflation?

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The Weekly Wrap

Kai talks with the Wall Street Journal’s Amara Omeokwe about this week’s economic news.

Is it RIP for the NFT?

Dec 22, 2023
After the meteoric rise of NFTs, the fall has hammered the market. Can we call curtains for the digital art market?
A Times Square billboard reads "I hate NFTs!" during the fourth annual NFT.NYC conference in June 2022. Nearly all NFTs are currently worthless.
Noam Galai/Getty Images

With prices falling and incomes rising, consumers get a break in time for Christmas

Dec 22, 2023
The PCE report for November shows that prices fell slightly and disposable personal income rose, along with the savings rate.
Consumers have been sullen about the economy despite the improvement in inflation, but that might be changing.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

This chocolate store makes some New Year's resolutions

Kristin Thalheimer Bingham, co-owner of Dean’s Sweets in Portland, talks about her business plans heading into the new year.

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