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Becoming an American citizen is expensive
Jul 3, 2023

Becoming an American citizen is expensive

Plus: What to expect from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's trip to China and this fall's student loan repayment restart.

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When Yellen gets to China, just sitting down and talking will indicate progress

Jul 3, 2023
But there's no shortage of issues to discuss between the world's two largest economies.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet with Chinese officials this week.
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

In the race for electric vehicles, Chinese consumers are in the driver's seat

Jul 3, 2023
U.S. legacy automakers are losing ground to Tesla and Chinese companies like BYD in China, once considered a major new market.
"Tesla is still crushing it in China," says Tu Le, managing director at Sino Auto Insights. But  Chinese automotive giant BYD sold more cars than Tesla in the second quarter.
Xiaolu Chu/Getty Images

What's the price of becoming a U.S. citizen?

Jul 3, 2023
Roughly 9 million people are eligible to become citizens today, but taking that final step comes with a price tag.
New U.S. citizens are sworn in during a naturalization ceremony in Boston.
Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images

As student loan repayments are set to restart, the Education Department looks to ease the transition

Jul 3, 2023
For one thing: the first year after payments restart, borrowers who fall behind won’t be penalized.
Student loan borrowers demand President Biden use "Plan B" to cancel student debt Immediately at a rally outside of the Supreme Court on June 30, 2023 in Washington, D.C.
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for We The 45 Million

Summertime is stocking season for this toy store owner

Jul 3, 2023
Ali Cat Toys is doing the bulk of its holiday buying now, and even stocking up for next Easter season.
"Slime has started to make a comeback, believe it or not, and as much as parents may or may not want to hear" says Irene Kesselman, owner of Ali Cat Toys in Carrboro, North Carolina.
Tolga Akman/AFP via Getty Images

How wearing glasses can improve India's and Bangladesh's economies

Glasses are often unaffordable and carry a stigma. Charities and businesses are trying to change that.

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