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Tech Bytes — Week in Review: Layoffs at Tesla, OpenAI’s deepfake detector and lots of new iPads
May 10, 2024

Tech Bytes — Week in Review: Layoffs at Tesla, OpenAI’s deepfake detector and lots of new iPads

Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist at the Wall Street Journal, joins to discuss some of this week's biggest tech headlines.

On this week’s Tech Bytes: Week in Review, OpenAI has unveiled its own deepfake detection software and is allowing a small group of disinformation researchers to use it.

Speaking of artificial intelligence, Apple this week unveiled a new suite of iPads (just in case you forgot they still make those). The company announced its new iPad Pro will, among other features, run on an AI-powered processing chip.

But first, a sales slowdown has hit electric car maker Tesla pretty hard of late. Now, the tech news site Electrek reports there’s been another wave of layoffs this week, directly affecting the company’s software, service and engineering departments. It also follows last week’s mass layoff of Tesla’s entire supercharger unit.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali spoke with Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist with the Wall Street Journal, to unpack these stories.

More on everything we talked about

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