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Why do we see the online ads we see? Hard to say.
Apr 16, 2024

Why do we see the online ads we see? Hard to say.

The biggest tech platforms are getting poor grades from a new study on advertising transparency.

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Poor grades for Big Tech platforms

The European Union’s Digital Services Act requires big internet platforms to create searchable public libraries of their ads, allowing researchers to see who an ad is targeting and reaching and what it’s urging its audience to do. But a new assessment finds that those libraries are lacking.

On China's economy

China’s economy had an unexpected pep in its step to start the year. Using January to March data, we can now say the economy grew 5.3% in a year. But fresh data shows that consumers in China are still being careful.

Higher rates are out there. You've just got to shop around.

While big banks are releasing winter quarter results, let’s check in on those personal bank statements, shall we? How can consumers finding decent interest rates on savings? We’ll consult Jared Dillian, editor of a newsletter for investment pros called The Daily Dirtnap. He also teaches in the business program at Coastal Carolina University.

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