Tupperware’s troubles reveal problems with direct-selling models
Apr 11, 2023

Tupperware’s troubles reveal problems with direct-selling models

Tupperware's stock tumbled yesterday after the company revealed it would need an infusion of investment money to keep afloat. We look at what the saga reveals about so-called "Tupperware parties" and the broader direct-selling model that some brands rely on. Plus, as the tax deadline rapidly approaches, an analysis of how immigrant workers and their families form a crucial revenue stream for all levels of government. And, how the recent spate of labor organizing has led to more workers filing complaints against their bosses — and how an understaffed NLRB is responding. 

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What Tupperware’s money problems say about direct selling 

Apr 11, 2023
Tupperware's stock tumbled after the company said it needed more capital in order to keep going.
Tupperware's recent stock drop is indicative of larger problems with direct-selling business models.
ustin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Immigrants' taxes play an outsized role in the U.S. government's fiscal health

Apr 11, 2023
Immigrant contributions to government revenues are higher than they may first appear.
 Mexican immigrants work on a housing construction site on May 3, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.
John Moore/Getty Images

U.S. workers are filing more unfair labor practice complaints

Apr 11, 2023
The rise coincides with an increase in union organizing.
Activists in support of unionized rail workers protest outside the U.S. Capitol Building on Nov. 29, 2022 in Washington, D.C.
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

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