Theatre jobs are still recovering from pandemic shocks
Feb 16, 2023

Theatre jobs are still recovering from pandemic shocks

Theatres were one set of businesses that were hit hardest by pandemic shutdowns, which forced many workers to be cut or furloughed. We check in with the Minneapolis-based Children's Theatre Company to see how things are going. Today's Producer Price Index data confirms what other recent inflation data is showing: rising prices aren't slowing down nearly fast enough. And, a new report from the Congressional Budget Office says that the U.S. could default on its debt as soon as July should Congress fail to agree to raise the debt limit. 

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Raising the curtain on theater employment

How a children’s theater company is ensuring the show will go on after pandemic.
A stage production of Cinderella plays at the Minnesota-based Children's Theatre Company. Kimberly Motes, head of the theater, says it is still recovering from pandemic shutdowns that saw many employees furloughed.
(David Rubene/Children's Theatre Company)

The Low-down on the inflation outlook

Christopher Low, chief economist at FHN Financial, explains what the latest inflation data says about the economy.

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