The ousting of Kevin McCarthy is bad news for Ukraine
Oct 5, 2023

The ousting of Kevin McCarthy is bad news for Ukraine

With Kevin McCarthy out as house speaker, the future of aid for Ukraine looks uncertain. Plus, President Joe Biden cancels $9 billion in student loan debt.

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Most CEOs are confident about the future of the economy and their own company

Oct 5, 2023
But fewer CEOs feel confident of their firm’s fortunes than last year, a KPMG survey shows. More execs also want people back in the office.
Last year, 95% of CEOs said they were confident about their own company’s growth prospects. This year, it's 79%. Still high, but a big drop.
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The latest on student loan cancellations

The Biden administration has announced the latest round of student loan cancellations, totaling $9 billion. We examine the administration’s approach and path forward to address the massive $1.5 trillion debt that student loan borrowers hold.

The economic impact of Kevin McCarthy's ouster as House speaker

What developments in the House could mean for a potential government shutdown, funding for Ukraine and more.
With Kevin McCarthy being removed as speaker of the House of Representatives, the chances of a government shutdown in November have increased, according to Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group.
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