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The job market is sending mixed signals
Feb 17, 2023

The job market is sending mixed signals

There have been some contradictory signs coming out of the job market in the past month — some big tech companies are announcing layoffs, but other places say they're hiring lots of workers. We look into what to make of the wider labor market picture. It's time for the renewal of the Farm Bill, the massive agricultural spending law, and Congressional Republicans are aiming to trim SNAP benefits, formerly known as food stamps. And, we talked to the head of a Pennsylvania department store that's been open for 118 years. 

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A 118-year-old department store perseveres in a tenuous economy

Feb 17, 2023
How a department store more than a century old has survived two pandemics, the Great Depression, and multiple recessions.
Dunham's Department Store in Wellsboro, PA. Ann Dunham Rawson, whose great-grandparents opened Dunham's, said the store is doing well despite wider economic anxiety.
Courtesy Ann Dunham Rawson

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