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The clock may be ticking for TikTok
Mar 11, 2024

The clock may be ticking for TikTok

U.S. intelligence officials warn that the close connections TikTok's parent company has with China’s government pose a national security risk.

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Could it be time up for TikTok?

The House is expected to take up a bill this week that could effectively ban TikTok in the U.S. – if the Chinese company that owns it, ByteDance, doesn’t sell off the social media platform. We examine the crackdown, which has rare bipartisan support.

What to make of some firmer-than-expected inflation readings

On Tuesday, we find out what inflation did in February, from the labor department. The past few months have shown core inflation being stubborn, with prices rising each month a little more than would be comforting. We discuss with Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives and a professor at UT Austin.

The business behind HBCU marching bands

Mar 11, 2024
The marching bands at historically Black institutions can be the face of their schools — pulling in prospective students who may not even join the band.
Prairie View A&M University's marching band performs with excellence, even without proper resources.
Courtesy Marching Storm

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