Striking actors and Hollywood producers have stopped talking
Oct 12, 2023

Striking actors and Hollywood producers have stopped talking

Negotiations between studios and actors broke down Wednesday night. We hear the latest. Plus, tourist towns in the Mediterranean deal with sun and sand — and a changing climate.

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No deal in sight for actors and sudios

Ten days ago, Hollywood studios and the union representing striking film and television actors got back to negotiating. Last night, talks halted with no deal in sight.

Previewing today's CPI report

A bit later this morning, we’ll get a look at the Consumer Price Index for September. Economists are expecting an improvement and some easing of inflation compared to the month before. Stephen Juneau, senior U.S. economist at BofA Global Research, joins us to discuss.

Rising temperatures threaten the Mediterranean's tourism industry

Oct 12, 2023
Temperatures are increasing in the Mediterranean 20% faster than the global average. That's likely to have an impact on tourism.
A man cools off at a fountain in Xàtiva, in eastern Spain, during a heatwave on Aug. 10.
Jose Jordan/AFP via Getty Images

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