Russia, new tech top list of 2023 global risks
Jan 5, 2023

Russia, new tech top list of 2023 global risks

Russia, China, artificial intelligence, and inflation are all global issues that will remain in the headlines in the coming year. They're also some of the risks highlighted in an annual report by the Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy. We talk with the organization's founder, Ian Bremmer, about what's on the horizon in 2023. And, new figures show that auto sales dipped significantly in 2022. 

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Navigating 2023's global risks, from Russia to AI

Jan 5, 2023
Eurasia Group Founder Ian Bremmer talks through the consultancy's annual report of risks the world will face in the coming year.
Russia's increasingly rogue behavior tops the Eurasia Group's list of 2023's global risks. Artificial intelligence, China, and inflation are also make appearances.

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