Rite Aid files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Oct 16, 2023

Rite Aid files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The pharmacy chain has been limping along for years and has been hammered by opioid lawsuits. Later: What are the returns on investments in the arts?

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Things are going wrong for Rite Aid

Later today, a bankruptcy court in New Jersey will hold the first hearing on the restructuring of pharmacy chain Rite Aid. The company is expected to close some of its stores in an effort to reduce its heavy debt burden.

Companies that include salary ranges in job listings are reaping the benefits

Oct 16, 2023
Hiring managers that include pay ranges in job postings tend to receive more applications and more qualified candidates.
"Job postings that include salary data receive about 50% more applications on average," said ZipRecruiter's Julia Pollak.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

The arts generated more than $150 billion last year

It's part of the economic case for what towns and cities can gain by investing in nonprofit and local arts.
In 2022, nonprofit arts and culture groups and their events supported 2.6 million jobs, generated $29.1 billion in tax revenue, and provided $101 billion in income for residents.
Robert Couse-Baker

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