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Reddit finally goes public
Mar 21, 2024

Reddit finally goes public

On Thursday, Reddit debuted on the New York Stock Exchange. But why go public now?

Segments From this episode

RDDT joins the NYSE

On Thursday, Reddit debuted on the New York Stock Exchange, valuing itself itself at $6.4 billion. It’s also earmarked a number of stocks specifically for moderators. Erik Gordon of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business joins the program to discuss.

Peering into our interest rates crystal ball

For now, the central bank is keeping interest rates in the economy where they are. But what about the future? Diane Swonk, chief economist at tax audit and advisory firm KPMG, shares her predictions and insights.

The outlook for the nation's finances has improved

While the federal government is still fully careening into record levels of national debt, the Congressional Budget Office says that debt will be smaller than previously thought. It’s citing two big reasons: less government spending and more immigration.

A look at Kosovo's ban of the Serbian dinar

In February, the southeast European country of Kosovo banned the use of the Serbian currency and required that majority Serb areas in Kosovo adopt the euro instead, even though the country is not officially part of the eurozone. Now, it’s facing backlash over this decision. The BBC’s Guy De Launey reports.

The team

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