On the brink of a government shutdown … yet again
Nov 13, 2023

On the brink of a government shutdown … yet again

With no deal in sight, the federal government is slated to run out of money on Friday. What's the impact on the U.S. outlook and credit rating?

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Here we go again

While spending plans are being worked out in Congress, there’s still no deal in sight to avert a government shutdown. We delve into the impact of all this foot-dragging and drama.

Being priced out of LA comes with its own cost

Nov 13, 2023
With rent nearing $3,000 for a two-bedroom apartment, Brenda Mendoza decided to purchase a home instead. Problem is, she now lives nearly 100 miles away from work.
Brenda Mendoza, an employee at JW Marriott, decided to move out of LA after seeing rents continue to rise. Now she has to start her day at 3 a.m.
Erika Soderstrom/Marketplace

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