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New year … new economy?
Jan 2, 2023

New year … new economy?

Eh, not so fast. Sure, we got a couple months' worth of positive inflation data at the end of 2022, some moderation in certain prices. But the Federal Reserve's New Year's resolution boils down to "keep fighting rising prices in 2023," and there's still uncertainty about our economic future. Julia Coronado of MacroPolicy Perspectives joins us to take stock of where things stand at the start of the year. Plus, why the value of the U.S. dollar has declined in recent months despite a strong rest of 2022. And, food banks struggle with increased need and fewer donations.

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Where is the economy headed in 2023?

Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspective and a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has more.

The dollar's value has been slipping over the past few months

Jan 2, 2023
The currency's dip could be due to the prospect of a weakened U.S. economy in 2023.
The value of the dollar has dipped as the economic outlook for the U.S. has soured.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

At food banks, need is up, donations are down

Jan 2, 2023
Donations of both money and food are down. That's straining food banks at a time when more people are relying on them again.
“'Food shelf near me' is in the top 10 searches in our area," said Allison O’Toole at Minnesota's Second Harvest Heartland food bank.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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