Need financial advice? Some are asking AI — with mixed results
Apr 14, 2023

Need financial advice? Some are asking AI — with mixed results

The AI chatbot takeover incentivized people to ask many questions normally reserved for human experts, and financial advice is no exception. But, according to professionals working in the industry, there are clear limits on what AI can do — and what consumers should expect. Plus, recently-released data on bank profits showed a significant outflow of money from bank deposits into more "secure" locations. And, why sticker prices for new cars are finally coming down after an easing of supply chain troubles. 

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Bank results reveal a big outflow of cash

Marketplace’s Nova Safo explains what’s behind the increase in deposit outflows across the financial system.

Should you trust chatbots to give you financial advice?

Apr 14, 2023
They may sound good. But the advice isn’t always sound.
People are using AI chatbots like ChatGPT to look up financial advice. But the quality of the recommendations isn't always up to snuff.
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