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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday July 2, 2014

The US Marshall Service auctioned off 30,000 bitcoin since Friday – the auction seems to have created a new class of bitcoin buyers – but there's still mystery around who they are and how much  have they bought. Plus, Hyatt is building a new 5-star hotel on Central Park South in Manhattan, the city’s first in several years. We review the checklist that determines that a hotel deserves five stars, not just four. Also, can companies like Unilever and PepsiCo make us healthier? Corporate insiders have been reflecting on their role in creating a healthy society at the Aspen Ideas Festival in, Colorado. And after, Hangzhou in eastern China is regarded as one of China's most beautiful cities. Over the past decade China has gained high speed rail lines, underground metro systems, huge airports, five-lane motorways, an incredible number of high rise apartment blocks. All to meet the demand of millions of people who moved from the countryside to the cities to seek their fortune in modern, fast-growing China. But property prices soared, meaning many young Chinese can't afford a home -- in a country which promises better living standards in return for political silence. The BBC’s Rob Young reports.

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