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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Segments From this episode

Rebuilding schools could be one big job creator

by Amy Scott Sep 6, 2011
As the unemployed and employed alike await world from President Obama on Thursday about how he plans to create jobs, some see a promising answer in the construction and refurbishing of our nation's schools.
The 9/11 Legacy

How 9/11 changed business travel

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Sep 6, 2011
Conventional wisdom says 9/11 damaged business travel. But it also forced some changes that made travel cheaper for business fliers, and led to alternatives.

New to the Internet: .xxx

by David Gura Sep 6, 2011
A new domain for adult-oriented websites is opening -- and established organizations will have to register with a blocking service to prevent cyber-squatters from putting .xxx on their brands.

State park lovers look to Coke for funding

by Jennifer Collins Sep 6, 2011
Corporate online contests generate mania -- and maybe a few sales.

Economy will be tough issue for Obama in 2012

by John Dimsdale Sep 6, 2011
Jobs growth predictions have been cut down by the President's economic forecasters. But will President Obama be able to keep the economy chugging along in 2012?

Vermont commuters hiking to work after Hurricane Irene

by Nina Keck Sep 6, 2011
Hurricane Irene continues to affect commuters on the East Coast. In Vermont, people are getting creative in the face of damaged roads -- by hiking to work in the morning.

Can free trade agreements help job growth?

by Marketplace Staff Sep 6, 2011
Experts disagree whether free trade agreements with countries like South Korea and Colombia will improve our economy stateside. The plans have been drafted but have yet to reach Congress.

No clear solution to U.S. jobs problem

by Marketplace Staff Sep 6, 2011
As the jobs market stumbles, organizations from the U.S. Chamber of Congress to the White House are suggesting ideas to get Americans working again. But which idea has the best chance of working?

Wildfires hit local economies in Texas

by Marketplace Staff Sep 6, 2011
In a summer full of extreme weather, Texas is the latest to get hit with drought and raging wildfires. We talk to a local councilwoman about how the Austin area hopes to recover economically.

Switzerland to peg the value of its franc to the euro

by Christopher Werth Sep 6, 2011
The value of the Swiss franc has been soaring in recent months, as investors saw it as a safer bet than the euro. But that isn't necessarily a good thing for Switzerland.

Construction industry vital to economic recovery

by Marketplace Staff Sep 6, 2011
Over the last few weeks, employment reports have painted a grim picture of the current U.S. economic state. But one expert thinks that a major solution for Obama and the country is construction.

CA university gives financial incentives to hire its graduates

by Marketplace Staff Sep 6, 2011
The job market for recent college graduates is tougher than ever. Now one institution is paying up to $2,000 to companies that will hire its former students.

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