Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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The Obama administration slaps Iran with fresh trade sanctions in its ongoing effort to halt Tehran's nuclear program. The new penalties are likely to hit Iran's currency and its car market. A fight over oil tax cuts in Alaska heats up. And New York City's 57th street is becoming an 'it-place' for hedge fund titans and other global executives to buy castles in the sky.

How to pronounce Germany's longest word

Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz. The longest German word is no more. Now that its gone, we teach you how to say it.
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Bad news is good news for the markets

Stock markets were up this morning, though data from a variety of sources indicate a only tepid economy. Juli Niemann, analyst with Smith Moore & Company, says it's precisely this bad news that is making the market rally.
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PODCAST: The good, the bad...and the good

Bad news is good news for the markets. Would-be first-time homebuyers delay their purchase. And New York introduces new rating systems for teachers.

New York's new billionaire street

Three luxury high-rise apartment towers are luring the ultra-wealthy to an area of Midtown Manhattan better known for offices and stores.
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In New York, all teachers will be graded

New York is going to start evaluating teachers in all subject fields, and test results will be part of their performance evaluations. This week, the teachers start getting trained in the new grading system.
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Oil tax cuts spur fight in Alaska

Alaskans are worried that a cut to oil taxes could ruin the state budget. BP credits the tax break for spurring new investments in the North Slope oil field.
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New sanctions on Iran target currency, car industry

There will be new penalties for financial institutions that deal in Iranian currency, which should cause the rial to devalue further. But new sanctions on the country's car industry could be felt more acutely.
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Did Google just ban the most promising feature of Google Glass?

In response to privacy concerns, Google has announced it will not allow facial recognition apps for Google Glass in its app store. How are app developers responding?
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Education start-up looks to disrupt textbook market

Boston-based start-up Boundless, which provides free educational materials online, says it's looking to help cash-strapped students find an alternative to expensive textbooks.
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Late on shift to mobile, Zynga to lay off 18% of its staff

Zynga, the company best known for social media games like Facebook's Farmville, is laying off nearly 20 percent of its current workforce.
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Many would-be first-time homebuyers fear taking the plunge

Would-be homebuyers are nervous because of the housing crash and the instability of the job market.
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