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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 6, 2015

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Airing on Friday, March 6, 2015: In just a couple hours, the Labor Department will release new numbers on unemployment, including the unemployment rate, and how many jobs the U.S. economy added last month. There is a tendency to focus on the headline numbers. But a new report from the Economic Policy Institute reminds us it’s important to dig deeper. And in the United Kingdom, law enforcement has been focusing on cyber crime. It’s National Crime Agency arrested dozens of suspected hackers this week. Plus, now that McDonalds is promising us antibiotic free chicken, who else will join this movement and how is this potential trend going to affect the supply chain from farm to table and ultimately the price for the consumer.   


Segments From this episode

A bigger iPad on the way?

by Nova Safo Mar 6, 2015
A rumored bigger iPad would aim at business use and possibly include USB ports.

The Micky-D ripple effect

by Dan Gorenstein Mar 6, 2015
Now that McDonalds is promising us antibiotic free chicken, who else will join?
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: The jobs report for February

by David Gura Mar 6, 2015
A strong jobs report for February, and the combining of personal values with investment portfolios.

Don't even think about sledding on Capitol Hill

by Kai Ryssdal Mar 6, 2015
From the Capitol Grounds Regulations, courtesy of the architect of the capitol's office: "No person shall coast or slide a sled within Capitol Grounds."

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