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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, December 26, 2014

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Airlines are adding back small amenities, like hot towels, to help travelers forget how uncomfortable they are. But some business frequent flyers are choosing coach anyway, preferring to use their shrinking travel budgets for nicer hotel rooms. Plus: A look at if a new self-destructing phone from Blackberry can help save the company from utter annihilation. Also: Coke fizzes out at the end of 2014 with plans to cut $3 billion from its annual budget, including executive perks and about 2,000 jobs.

Segments From this episode

Blackberry plans self-destructing phone

by Adam Allington Dec 26, 2014
The smartphone maker partners with Boeing on an ultra-secure phone

Airlines use illusion to make coach seem more spacious

by Sam Harnett Dec 26, 2014
Airlines are trying to change your perception of cramped seating in coach by creating the impression of more room with larger video screens and new headrests.

Coke to make cuts amid sales slump

by Noel King Dec 26, 2014
A thirst for healthier drinks pushes sales of soda down

Wal-Mart aims to make a buck from your gift card

by Dan Weissmann Dec 26, 2014
You can swap it for a Wal-Mart card, but you'll get less than face value.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: How the hacker stole Christmas

by David Brancaccio Dec 26, 2014
Video gamers can't connect, a look at trade policy in 2015 and life in coach.

Sony and Microsoft fight ... the Lizard Squad

by Dan Weissmann Dec 26, 2014
A hacker group takes credit for attacks on PlayStation and Xbox Live networks.

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