Apr 4, 2007

Marketplace AM for April 4, 2007

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American nerdcore

Apr 4, 2007
Music's Internet age and a wave of geek pride have led to . . . nerds rapping. About computers and video games and sci-fi. Some are even touring and making enough cash to live off. No joke yo.

Middle-class housing crunch

Apr 4, 2007
Housing costs have risen so high in some cities that entire regions are out of reach for most first-time home buyers. And in those areas, it's becoming a slow drain for the economy as a whole.

It's official: Transatlantic exchange opens today

Apr 4, 2007
The first transatlantic stock exchange launches in Paris today following the merger between the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext. It could be just the beginning of a movement toward a global stock market.

Ford looking to Flex for a save

Apr 4, 2007
March sales figures were down nearly 10 percent for the automaker. Analysts say it was a cutback in fleet and truck sales that did it, but Ford's hoping its new Flex crossover vehicle will rev up revenues.

Senators don't break for immigration

Apr 4, 2007
Most Congress members are enjoying spring recess this week, but 10 Senate leaders are working through the break to try to come to a compromise on immigration reform.

United, BMI to open skies together

Apr 4, 2007
Good news for consumers: BMI and United Airlines are seeking approval to form an alliance that will provide a seamless experience for passengers traveling between the U.S. and Europe when the open skies treaty takes effect.

Political consultants be gone

Apr 4, 2007
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich says presidential hopefuls — and the American public — would be better served if candidates sent their consultants packing, waited a year and then spoke their minds.

Rental market meltdown around the corner?

Apr 4, 2007
So far the rental market hasn't really been affected by the subprime mortgage crisis. But as more struggling homeowners are forced to return to the rental market, it's bound to impact prices and availability.

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