Lots of consumers said “No thanks” to buying a car in 2022
Jan 18, 2023

Lots of consumers said “No thanks” to buying a car in 2022

Consumers seemingly couldn't buy enough cars during the peak of the pandemic, but recent data shows that the auto industry saw widespread declines in vehicle sales last year. We delve into what drove the decline and what car sellers are doing to adjust. Lower vehicle sales also contributed to an overall decline in retail sales in December — a good sign for investors, says Susan Schmidt. But that may not be the case for others — we checked in with a number of small businesses to see how they're faring. And, the BBC's Ruth Alexander reports on the global rise in egg prices. 

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It's 2023: Does anyone want to buy a car?

Jan 18, 2023
Electric vehicle sales are up, but is demand for cars overall taking a dip?
Used cars are displayed on a sales lot. The demand for vehicles this year will depend on wider economic conditions, analysts say.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Declining December retail sales hit especially hard for small businesses

Jan 18, 2023
How did this holiday season go? A few entrepreneurs weigh in.
The latest retail sales data shows a larger-than-expected decrease in purchases in December. For small businesses, those declines hit harder.
SouthWorks/Getty Images

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