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Loneliness “epidemic” hits the workplace
Mar 1, 2023

Loneliness “epidemic” hits the workplace

Loneliness can have major effects on employees and employers alike in the workplace — in addition to the mental health effects, one study found it can cost businesses up to $154 billion annually. As part of American Public Media's "Call to Mind" mental health initiative, we look into the effects of loneliness and how employers can mitigate it. Expanded SNAP benefits, formerly known as food stamps, are due to expire today after receiving a pandemic-era boost. And, Hong Kong is dropping its masking requirement amid a broader push from the government to revive the island's slumping economy. 

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The cost of loneliness: Social isolation holds back workers and costs employers billions

Mar 1, 2023
An 'epidemic of loneliness' in recent decades causes stress-related absenteeism, job turnover, and lost productivity.
In addition to affecting employees' mental health, researchers at Cigna found that employers could be losing up to $154 billion a year because of loneliness.
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