Keep an eye on those company results starting to trickle in
Apr 17, 2023

Keep an eye on those company results starting to trickle in

We got results from some of the bigger banks on Friday last week. This week we'll hear from more banks like Bank of America and Morgan Stanley. This will give us a better picture of how interest rate increases are hitting bottom lines, but also the abilities of consumers and businesses to repay loans. Also today on the show: how government subsidies for more manufacturing production in the U.S. can backfire. We hear from one economist who says there are better ways to build resilient supply chains, decrease inequality and prepare for the clean energy transition.

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Banks are at the leading edge of the business cycle. We can learn a lot about the economy from their quarterly results.

Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives and a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has more.

"Made in America" policy can actually hurt the U.S., economist says

Adam Posen agrees with the goals of boosting green energy and keeping China at bay. But he says protectionism won't achieve them.
One example of industrial policy is subsidies for companies doing work in clean energy, like the kind that the Inflation Reduction Act provides.
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