Is critical U.S. infrastructure safe from foreign hackers?
May 25, 2023

Is critical U.S. infrastructure safe from foreign hackers?

Microsoft and intelligence agencies are warning that a hacking group sponsored by the Chinese government has infiltrated critical infrastructure in the U.S. We look at the evolving situation and what's been said so far. Plus, Germany's economy has fallen into a technical recession after two straight quarters of negative growth driven by low consumer spending. And, voters in Turkey go to the polls again this weekend to vote in the presidential runoff election — older people are considering how high inflation could affect their economic wellbeing. 

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U.S. warns of Chinese government-linked hackers targeting critical infrastructure

Marketplace’s Nova Safo breaks down what U.S. intelligence agencies and Microsoft are saying about a Chinese government-linked hacking group that’s infiltrated critical American infrastructure.

Turkey’s retirees feel inflation’s pressures ahead of second-round election 

May 25, 2023
In 2021, the Istanbul Political Research Institute found that 12% of Turks over 65 were still working, in part because pensions are not adequate.
People sit at a tea house in Sincan, a district outside of Ankara’s city center where a majority of voters supported President Erdogan in the first-round of elections on May 14.
Victoria Craig

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